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May 5 '14

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Feb 5 '14
Most people do not listen
with the intent
to understand;

they listen
with the intent
to reply.
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Jan 31 '14



ay yo it’s giveaway time and i have shitloads of merch left from youmacon

please read the rules below before reblogging to make sure your entry gets in!!

  1. this giveaway ends on january 31st, 2014!
  2. you must be 18 years or older, or have your parent’s permission if you are under 18!
  3. you must have your ask box open so i can contact you if you win!
  4. you must respond within 24 hours! if you don’t i will choose another person!
  5. one reblog/like is allowed. this will count as two entries per person. also, please only enter from one blog. this means you can enter on either a primary or a secondary, not both. any more than one reblog/like and any more than one blog entered and you will be disqualified. please write it down somewhere or index it on your blog that you reblogged/liked it, so you don’t forget and accidentally enter more than two times. no giveaway blogs, i will check.
  6. by reblog/like i mean you can do both! each blog is allowed both one reblog and one like! you get two entries!!
  7. you do not have to be following me, but it is always appreciated!
  8. there will be three winners. each winner will get to choose one tee from the three designs above (first come, first serve, i only have one of each shirt). each winner will also get to choose three of my ten pin sets available on my storenvy (not all are pictured) and 15 extra randomly chosen pins (a total of 39 pins wow)! you will also get three charms, 3 randomly chosen stickers, and a shitload of bookmarks. i don’t know exactly how many you’ll get but it’ll be a lot.
  9. winners will be chosen with a random number generator.
  10. i only have size mediums for all the shirts. i do not have any other sizes available, so please don’t ask.
  11. you can not choose the fandoms/pin designs you want for the 15 randomly chosen pins. i will do this for you. though if there is a particular fandom that triggers you for some reason, please let me know (because i know hannibal can be a pretty sensitive subject to some people)
  12. i ship worldwide! you do not have to pay for shipping, i will cover that!
  13. if there is anything else you want to know that isn’t covered above, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask!
  14. asks that have already been answered regarding this giveaway can be found here

i’ll be closing this at 12pm EST today! (approximately 2 hours from now)

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Jan 1 '14

A breakdown of the coming of 2014.


11:57 pm

11:58 pm

11:59 pm

12:00 am

12:01 am

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Dec 31 '13

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Nov 17 '13

“I cant stop writing about him. I think it’s ruining me, because I never feel better afterwards, but if I stop writing about him, I’ll lose him.”

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Oct 20 '13

no. this was not allowed. but they did it anyway.


no. this was not allowed. but they did it anyway.

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Oct 20 '13

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Oct 13 '13
Mumford and Sons - Not in Nottingham (cover from the disney movie Robin Hood)



Mumford and Sons—Not in Nottingham (cover from the disney movie Robin Hood)

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Aug 19 '13

Bad news from the zones tumbleweeds…
by arrowchild


Bad news from the zones tumbleweeds…

by arrowchild

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